Is it normal to have a notice period of TWO months during probation period?

The short answer to your question is – NO.
The probation period is the assimilation period. During this period, the organization tries to find if they have selected a right candidate for the job, the candidate has skills and competencies s/he demonstrated during the interview and whether the candidate fits into the organizational culture. On the other hand, the candidate analyze if the organization is a right fit for his career aspiration or not, do they have policies that inspire employees to give their best and whether the work culture is collaborative or hostile. In case of any friction, they want to get over it as quickly as possible. Majority of the organizations in India have a practice of 15-days of Notice Period during the probation. However, there are also those who have One Week or One Month Notice Period during probation. TWO months of Notice Period during the probation period is very unusual and unheard of.
I hope I have answered your query to your satisfaction.

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