Hi Sanjeev, I had joined a company in healthcare facilitation as a writing resource. With the experience of writing content for health sites and editing experience, I was OK to do a bit of marketing copy. But now I am forced to write ONLY marketing copy. While I have spoken about this, there seems to be no change in attitude and in fact, the attitude of making me write anything and everything is becoming firmer. What are the options available to me now?I have an offer letter and no appointment letter in hand. Can I thus say that I will work till the end of the month and is the company bound to pay me?

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There are few ways to look at it –
1.Cross Training and Competency Development – We are living in a world where people are required to be multi-skilled. As Alvin Toffler once wrote: " The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn”. So, you might like to consider the current state of affairs at your workplace as an opportunity to learn something new.
2.Resource Planning and Optimization - I am assuming that the organization you are working with is not a large organization. In such organizations, a writer is supposed to write everything, be it technical writing, marketing copy, creative writing, etc. Neither they have the volume of work nor do they have financial resources to hire multiple writers. Probably, they have told you this at the time of hiring, if not, then it is a case of wrong hiring.
3.Separation and Resignation – Now that you don’t want to write marketing copy and want to stay focused on your niche domain of Healthcare Writing and Editing. You can resign and give the appropriate Notice Period as per the terms and conditions of your employment. They are bound to pay you for the each and every day that you have worked with them. As per the provisions of the Payment of Wages Act, 1936, wages need to be paid to employees before the expiry of the 7th day of the last day of the wage period, where the number of employees is less than 1000. In case the number of employees is less than 1000, wages must be paid before the expiry of the 10th day of the last day of the wage period. In case employment of any person is terminated, the wages earned by him must be paid before the expiry of the second working day from the date of termination.
I hope I have answered your query to your satisfaction.

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