If you are employed with different position and your employer forces you to do different work. and your Job description and KRA is different.And you are not comfortable in doing the work which currently you are doing then what to do in that case?

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Hello Rocky, 

In an organizational set-up, particularly if you are working in a support role, it is not possible for an employer to give the work you have primarily been hired for, on regular basis. There will be days and there will be hours in a day when you will be asked to do the things which are not part of your regular job description. It is done to justify the amount you are being paid for working in an organization. Let me share a few examples – 

1) You are working in the HR function of an organization as a Training Manager. However, due to cost optimization in the organization, the management has decided to stop conducting training programs for the period of, say, 3-4 months. They don’t want to terminate your employment as you are a good trainer and the current situation of the organization is temporary in nature, so the Functional Head decided to involve you into Payroll Management and Recruitments, where they are running short of staff. But you neither like recruitments nor you like payroll management? What do you think should be done? The organization cannot continue to pay you for not doing anything. So, either they terminate your employment or your help yourself by developing new capabilities and start doing things you don’t like. 

2) You are working in a Sales Team as a Frontline Sales Manager. The backend team gives you a lead. You meet the prospective client, give the product demonstration, address his queries and close the deal. However, currently, the market is not doing well. Earlier you were required to visit 25-30 new clients in a month but now that has been reduced to 10-15 clients in a month due to the recession. You are a good salesperson and the management wants to keep you but wants you to conduct training programs for the sales team during this lean phase. You don’t like doing training. What will you do? They cannot continue to pay you for just being on a payroll, right?

So, if you see, you have a choice of either getting terminated or to learn new capabilities and do things you don’t like doing. Believe me or not...it’s a story of every EMPLOYEE. Sometimes employers don’t have relevant work to give and they ask employees to do random things. You have a choice to leave the job. You have a choice to refuse to do things you find are irrelevant to your job profiles. However, the risk of refusing the work is either to get terminated or to get sidelined. 

I hope I have clarified your doubt.

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