Vinod Bidwaik, Director HR, DSM India Private Limited

Vinod Bidwaik, Director HR, DSM India Private Limited

Fundamentally values mean our belief on something, the way we work and the fundamental dos and don’ts while living our life. Values are beliefs about what is more important to any individual in life. These values are based on the purpose of our life.  Values represent basic convictions that a “specific mode of conduct or end-state of existence is personally or socially preferable to an opposite or converse mode of conduct or end-state of existence.”

These values come from our parents, school teachers and our surrounding. Some people may say that Ganesh manipulated facts because he needed the job. The person may go to extreme end when it comes to survival. If you put the vegetarian person in a situation without food for 6 days and then you only put the dish of chicken in the room, will the person eat non-veg? The answer is based on how strong his values are.

For me, I will not do anything which is against my values. An individual should not compromise on fundamental values. What Ganesh did is not right. In fact, he has committed the crime by hiding the fact. He supported the statement of Matrio Puzo, Author of “Godfather”…which says, “Behind every successful person there is a crime, small or big.”

We should keep in mind that our value system governs our thinking, influence our attitude, and motivate our actions. They decide the right or wrong of a choice and they determine our image as a person being trustworthy or untrustworthy.

For me, what Ganesh did is strictly no, no for me.

You don't need to manipulate things or situation always. If you really believe in yourself, you have confidence in yourself and you are willing to take risks, then success is yours.

Are your goals in line with your values? It is necessary to first identify what your values are, both personally and professionally. How important is your family and other relationships, your health, your integrity and honesty, respect for others, meaningful career?

He could have done something differently.

  1. Get the insight about his strength and development areas;
  2. Identify weak areas leading to rejection viz. his skill set, attitude, approach or may be the right networking with right people;
  3. He could have taken a professional help to write a good resume or he could have done some reality check about the situation in the market;
  4. Patience is the key. There are good students who don’t get the job in spite of having all qualifications & skill set. I had interview a candidate in past who was an engineer and was waiting to get the job for almost 1 year. During this period, he focused on exposure & developing his functional and soft skills.  I hired him as a Management Trainee and today he is doing well as maintenance engineer.

Somebody has put it nicely, "Happiness, wealth and success are by-products of goal setting, and they cannot be the goal themselves."

Perhaps he would have better career than this. Perhaps he might have to wait for another few months, but I am sure he would have the fulfilling moments. Ganesh succumbed to the pressure & he lost the opportunity to be honest, strong and virtuous person.

These are intrinsic values that relate to personal beliefs and attitudes. When you compromise with intrinsic values you have inner conflict.

We should teach our children to be strong not only physically but also mentally, emotionally and psychologically.

There are different types of values.

Interpersonal: Values that refer to relations with others.

Extrinsic: Values that refer to motivating factors at work.


Intrinsic: Values that relate to personal beliefs and attitudes as explained above.

Your interpersonal and extrinsic values may change because of your experience. But if you compromise with your intrinsic values, there is a need to introspect. We, the people, need to be pro-active by not emphasizing on greater success always.  The society and peer pressure are actual culprit.

Once, I, along with my wife and son, was sitting in the principal’s office during the admission procedure of my son. There was another couple sitting next to us. The mother asked the principal, “What is the appropriate age for starting education? We want to admit our son in this school.”

“If you are talking about admission, you are on time, but if you are talking about education, you are late. Education starts from the day when child is born. It is not the responsibility of school and teachers only, parents are the first teacher of the child.” She replied.

 The principal put across the valid point which we always ignore. We send our children to tuitions and classes hoping that our children will get good education and will be successful citizens. What about culture and value education? In schools, teachers do teach value education, but in true sense family members, parents and adults are role models for children.

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