Dr. Shankar Anappindi, Vice President - HR, JRG/ Inditrade Group

Dr. Shankar Anappindi, Vice President - HR, JRG/ Inditrade Group

Let me start by sharing a story. Long ago, a thief was being chased by the police.  At a Y-Junction, the thief crashed into a SAGE who was walking his way along with his disciple.  The Sage asked the thief - "Why are you in such a hurry"?  The thief said that he had made a theft and hence the police was chasing him.....and ran away on to the left road at the Y-Junction.  After few minutes, two policemen arrived there and asked the SAGE if he had seen any man running in a hurry.  The Sage told them that the thief had taken the right road at the Y - Junction.  The police immediately ran in that direction.  The disciple of the SAGE asked him - "Why you didn’t tell the truth, Guruji?"  The SAGE said - "The Thief was honest and told the truth that he had made a theft when he could have lied to us.  There is every possibility that he would have realized his mistake and would have understood what consequences he will face if he is caught.  It is evident from his statement that he has understood the value of life therefore he should be given an opportunity to change.  Hence, I misled the police. In spite of this, if the thief continues to follow the path of thefts, one day he will definitely be caught....it is just a matter of time. I have only voted for LIFE over TRUTH.”

Coming to Ganesh’s case, if I have to make a choice, I will be for LIFE over TRUTH as he is the sole bread earner for his family after his father's retirement.

However, as an HR Practitioner and the guardian of organizational system and processes, I must never agree to what he did.  I partly blame the HR System of the respective company for his deed.  If the respective company had followed the right kind of "VERIFICATION CHECK" process and had rejected him for fake experience, there was a high probability that he would have got a lesson and would have never dared to echo it for the subsequent applications of SAP ABAP. Now, had I been in his place, I would have pursued more opportunities (or) would have explored possibilities of my SAP skills being used and implemented in the BPO Company that he was working with.  However, it is a subjective thing as it is not clear from the story whether he explored about such internal opportunities before opting for fake experience.

Moreover, as it is apparent that he is a person who takes his failure as a lesson learned (1st job where he was declared a non-performer, but subsequently worked to improve & prove himself to be the best......and finally becoming a PMP certified professional which is not an easy qualification to achieve), probably he would have still attained the height ethically that he was destined to had he waited for more opportunities to knock.

I attribute his actions to 3 things - Competition, Role Requirement & Survival Challenge (need of the hour).  Here I recollect ONE story which will throw more light on the relative aspects.

A Child & a professional painter:  A 3 - year old girl scribbled something on the paper and showed it to the professional painter.  The painter asked her to describe what she had drawn.  The child explained that the picture had a beautiful garden filled with flowers, the blue sky with the birds soaring high and she was in the midst of the garden playing with her sister.  Then the painter told her that it was the most beautiful painting he had ever seen in his life & gave the child a chocolate.  The child was happy.  In this case, the PAINTER got a glimpse of a FUTURE PAINTER in the making (with the visualization that the child gave from the scribbled picture) and decided to sustain that enthusiasm in her and hence opted for LIFE over TRUTH...though it was mere scribbling....but not a painting on any given standard". 

In the instance case of Ganesh, the situation is similar to both the stories I shared here - GANESH learnt lessons from his failure of fake experience & went on to work on his loose ends / expertise to grow big in life.

All said and done, something that is RIGHT for someone will be a WRONG for others and the vice-versa also holds good.  As such, it is not about RIGHT or WRONG...it has more to do with, how he decided to survive initially & subsequently.

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