Archna Khurana Sharma, Woman Entrepreneur, Founder of HR = Human Rhythms. Humanitarian, Motivational Speaker, Corporate trainer, Philanthropist & Reiki Healer

Archna Khurana Sharma, Woman Entrepreneur, Founder of HR = Human Rhythms. Humanitarian, Motivational Speaker, Corporate trainer, Philanthropist & Reiki Healer

Though it seems appropriate that what he did is correct but carrying a 30 months fictitious experience hanging over is surely a risky thing. While it is easier said than done but it may have affected the growth path as many clients and colleagues knew about his fraudulent activities as mentioned in the case study.

The question is can that person be trusted to do the right thing in the workplace or will he be a reliable employee ever?

Ganesh could have taken a more appropriate route as it is entirely not true that we don’t land into decent jobs without having any experience. Undoubtedly preference is always given to candidates with experience but delay doesn’t mean that the right opportunity will never knock the door.  He might have been lucky that no background checks were done (or it is not mentioned in the case) as it was quite popular during those days especially in the IT companies, or else his entire career path would have been in a different direction.

His lying gives rise to fairness issue as well, he was preferred for a job because of fake experience than the person who might have or should have gotten the job for his skill set and facts. Is it fair to the other employee who got to compete on a non –level field?

Look from the perspective what if he would have been caught in a cheating case – then what? It would have affected the entire family and his personal life as well.

A human being can either be ethical or not, there are no mid routes; you can’t be 20% ethical and 80 not. Personal and professional lives are intertwined with each other and meet at various junctions of life; hence it would be inappropriate to say that Ganesh was ethical in personal life and unethical in professional. The values we are instilled with since childhood from family, friends, teachers, Mentors and society at large do not discriminate between professional and personal lives.  Most of the time we follow the examples we see in society, and if someone has already gotten away for fictitious experience we would just follow that.

For positive results, we need to give people a positive basis of trust and respect with an ethical environment to live by. The case dates back to 2003, but now most companies have their own training centers where they train employees on skill development especially if they are fresher’s or lack the skill set required. HR and interviewers are more aware of the cases of faking as it has become an epidemic these days and though Ganesh may have not been caught so far but he may be another Scott Thompson who cushioned his resume with embellished degrees he never earned.

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