I gave an interview for a developer profile. The interview was okay and we have discussed the salary too. I got a message from the HR that she will update me soon. Am I rejected or is my profile on hold?

Discussing salary is a part of the Selection Process. It neither implies that you are selected nor does it imply that you are rejected. It only implies that you are still in the process. 

Let’s understand what we mean by “Salary Discussion”. If they have asked about your current salary and your expected salary, that’s very basic. Usually, this information is collected, either before putting a candidate into the selection process or after the 1st or 2nd round of the interview. It means that your candidature is being considered. You are among 5-6 candidates. However, if salary discussion has gone through salary negotiation, where they shared with you their salary budget and have offered you a tentative CTC, it means that you are among 2-3 candidates and one of you will be offered the job. You are requested to wait for 3-4 days and then take a follow-up with the concerned HR person. 

My best advice to candidates is to wait and don’t start celebrations until you get the Offer Letter in your hand.

I hope this information will be helpful to you.

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